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GSL-S046 Hiking Gadget Solar Adventure Powered Flash Light & Compass-purple

GSL-S046 Hiking Boating Solar Adventure Powered Flash Light &Compass(Red)

GSL-S045 Hiking Gadget Solar Adventure Powered Flash Light &Compass(gold)

SS92 Set of 2 Plastic 3 LED Solar Spot Light

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Solar Powered Flashlight with Compass

For some of you whom might be planning to travel on a holiday or go for hiking adventure, there are some essential things that must be considered.  Most of the time, people just thought of packing essential clothing and basic toiletry.  Have it come to your mind things that you need if you are stranded in a dark, especially when you need to find your way out to a safe place?  I strongly recommended that every traveler must bring along a Solar Powered Flashlights.

Gold Solar Powered Flashlight
Solar Powered Flashlight is a must-have traveler's companion that come with high quality compass.  Without the hassle of changing batteries, it can be left hanging by the side of your backpack to expose it to the sunlight for continuous charging of solar power.  It takes 8 hour to store 80% of its full capacity of solar power.  After 12 months storage, up to 75% of the stored power can be retained.  In places where lights are limited such as caves or other buildings, solar powered flashlights can be turned on and illuminate by 5 super bright LED.  It also comes with a red filter lens for night vision and a green filter lens for working with animals or night fishing.

It is especially come in handy when you need to travel out in the seas for many days. It can be used to flash to any incoming ships and planes to get their attention when all telecommunication signal is lost.

Beside its use for traveling, it is also great tools to have within home compound. Place Solar Powered Flashlight at a few prominent places at the patio and garden such that it can be easily within reach when there is sudden black-out.   You can choose either black. silver, red blue, gold or purple one to blend into your surrounding.

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Hi, Paul here. Welcome to my blog on solar lights. As an Earth Day Network Partner, promoting green movement is my key motivation to invest in solar technology and I strongly believe that our Mother Earth needs this technology in order to survive the future decades and centuries. Join me to get this technology in motion and contribute billions act of green.

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